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This Year's Allergy Season Got Started Early Due to Unseasonable Warmth

4 months ago

The official start of spring also brings the beginning of allergy season. What are the experts predicting for the 2024 allergy season? Read on for the details.

Earlier Start to Allergy Season Could Also Spell More Severe Symptoms

The change in the weather this time of the year ushers in a surge of allergens as the trees and flowers begin to bud. The unusually early start to spring for much of the eastern U.S. has translated to an earlier start to allergy season as well.

Experts are also cautioning that the overall allergy season could be more severe due to the forecasted weather patterns.

The allergy season got started as much as a month early for some parts of the country due to the quick onset of spring. Some areas are well ahead of the normal pollen counts as a result of the unseasonable warmth.



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