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Top Weather Headlines Include the Collapse of a Major Roadway

Last month

A collapsed roadway as the result of a mudslide, worrisome shark attacks in Florida, and extreme hail events are just a few things happening around the world this week. Here is a look at some of the leading weather headlines over the last several days.

Major Mudslide Closes Highway Between Wyoming and Idaho

A major mudslide closed an important highway between Idaho and Wyoming over the weekend. Teton Pass is a critical roadway that connects Victor, Idaho with the popular tourist destination of Jackson, Wyoming. Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon said that there is no definitive timeline about when the pass will open.

The Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) confirmed that the initial crack was noticed on Thursday across both lanes. The crack measured as long as 8 inches. Road crews installed a patch, allowing traffic to pass freely until the mudslide happened on Friday and triggered the collapse of the road on Saturday morning.

WYDOT said that it is currently determining how to proceed with the repairs, asking the public to stay away from the area. In addition to serving as a gateway to tourist attractions, Teton Pass is also a crucial artery for shipping and commerce services.



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