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Tropical Rainstorm Targeting Texas and Louisiana

Last month

A surge of tropical moisture is likely headed to the coastlines of Texas and Louisiana in the coming days. Here is what you need to know about this developing tropical weather threat.

Activity Brewing in the Gulf of Mexico

Forecasters have been keeping a close eye on an area in the Gulf of Mexico for potential tropical development. After warning of a possible tropical feature coming together, the forecast came to fruition on Sunday when a tropical rainstorm came to life. This feature is now predicted to track toward the border of Texas and Mexico to start the new work week. The system will then likely take a turn to the north and northwest, bringing several rounds of heavy rain.

Conditions have been ripe in the Gulf for tropical weather to develop. Exceptionally warm ocean water temperatures and low wind shear will continue to fuel this tropical rainstorm as it strengthens. As a result, forecasters are growing more confident that the rainstorm will evolve into a tropical depression before making its way up to a category of a tropical storm as it churns in the northern part of the Gulf of Mexico.

The first name on the list of potential tropical feature names for the 2024 Atlantic hurricane season is Alberto. The current feature will need to generate sustained wind speeds of 39 mph or greater to make it to the classification of a named tropical storm.



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