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Tuesday Storm to Kickoff This Week's Severe Weather Impacts for Over a Dozen States

2 months ago
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Enjoy this unseasonable warmth while it lasts. Forecasters are warning that a major change is on the way starting with a Tuesday storm when an influx of Arctic air erases the record-setting temperatures and brings in a number of severe weather impacts.

Here is the latest on this developing situation.

Large Storm System Gearing Up to Strike Plains and Beyond

A monster storm is predicted to unleash heavy rain and strong winds across a large section of the Plains states and over to the Atlantic Seaboard in the coming days.

This active weather pattern has been on the radar of meteorologists since last week when it became clear that the right conditions would be in place to promote the development of severe weather.

At the core of this development will be the clash between a cool air and warm air mass that will compete for supremacy. The creation of this energy will fuel the development of what forecasters are warning could be a widespread severe weather outbreak.

The Tuesday storm is forecast to fire up in the evening, lingering through the overnight hours in the central U.S. The most worrisome aspect of this piece of the weather maker is its night storm potential. Meaning that these storms could happen under the cover of darkness, making them more difficult to spot and happening at a time when most people may be sleeping and unaware of what is happening outside.

This is why forecasters recommend enabling all smartphone notifications if you live in a potential impact area in case of a night storm.



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