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Understanding the Weather Threats that Fall Can Bring and How to Stay Safe

8 months ago
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Many people look forward to fall with its glorious colors, cooler temperatures and fall activities. Depending on where you are in the fall, you can experience various weather threats. Learn more about these threats and where you may encounter them from September 23 to December 21.


The Eastern Seaboard and states along the Gulf of Mexico may experience hurricanes in the fall since hurricane season does not end until November 30. A hurricane is a severe storm characterized by strong winds, heavy rainfall and a low-pressure center called the eye.

Fall is the ideal time for hurricanes to form because they require warm ocean water as their primary energy source, and the water tends to be warmest in the early fall. Hurricanes also require high humidity to form as they need a thunderstorm or other weather disturbance to form. They also need low wind sheer, which is a change in wind speed and direction at different altitudes, to remain vertically aligned and maintain their structure. These conditions are more prevalent in the early autumn.

Wind shear tends to be lower during the late summer and early fall, which is conducive to hurricane development. Finally, atmospheric instability is needed, which often occurs because of the temperature differences between the warm ocean surface and cooler upper atmosphere layers during the fall.



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