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Understanding What is Behind Florida's Rainy Season

4 weeks ago
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As the weather pattern of the last few weeks has signaled, Florida is entering its annual rainy season. The traditional wet season for the Sunshine State begins in June and lingers through the summer, sending frequent rounds of rain across the region. Here is what you need to know about Florida's rainy season.

Florida's Rainy Season Bearing Down

The rainy season in Florida is generally distinguished by daily thunderstorms that produce more lightning than rain. The high temperatures that also accompany this season make the region more vulnerable to grass fires, particularly after an especially dry winter and spring.

It may look like Groundhog Day when checking out the daily forecast in Florida during this time of the year. High temperatures tend to not deviate from the upper 80s to the low 90s with rain being a constant threat. The pattern is also marked by increasingly high humidity levels.

However, while the pattern may be consistent, you will also find daily fluctuations. For instance, some days will feature measurable precipitation while other days will see clouds build but no rain fall to the ground. And while some days will usher in storms with lightning, thunder, and hail, other days will just see straight rain with no other impacts.



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