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Understanding What Makes Icicles Dangerous and How to Mitigate the Risk

5 months ago
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While they may be beautiful to look at as they create a magical wintry landscape, icicles growing on your house and across your property can prove to be dangerous.

Here is what you need to know about the dangers that icicles may present and how you can prevent any mishaps related to this common winter creation.

How Do Icicles Form?

The process of icicle formation requires a number of different weather elements that work together to create these common winter sightings.

The first ingredient in icicle formation is a source of ice or snow. The next element needed to create icicles is below-freezing temperatures that prevent the frozen precipitation from melting.

Lastly, you need a bit of sunshine to melt just a bit of this ice or snow, leading to the small drips of water that will fall off the edge of a surface and create the base of the icicle that later develops. This is why you will most often find icicles hanging in areas that receive direct sunlight.



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