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Visit the Best Beaches In the U.S.

2 weeks ago
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Key Takeaways

  • The United States has the best beaches, spanning from Maine, to Florida, to Texas, and up the western coastline.
  • Starting in Bar Harbor, Maine, you’ll not only find a picturesque beach, but one of the prettiest beach towns to explore.
  • Naturally, Florida is a standout on any list for its Gulf Coast beaches.
  • Texas is a surprising wonder with some of its southern islands down towards Mexico.
  • On the west coast, neither California nor Washington state disappoint.

Best Beaches in the U.S. For Your Summer Vacation

The United States isn’t just the Land of the Free; it’s also a territory filled with nearly every type of topography, including rivers, mountains, canyons, valleys, and beaches. There’s no question that many of its beaches are world-class.

Together, let’s take a tour of the ten best beaches in the US. We’ll start in the northeast, travel south to Florida, head west to Texas, move up to California, and end with a sense of sleeplessness in Seattle.



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