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Frigid Blast Gives Way To Warmup Across Northeast After Record February Heat

2 months ago
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March's arrival will tend to be more lamb than lion following Thursday's frigid blast across the US Northeast, meteorologists predict.

After temperatures plunged from recent highs in the 60s and 70s°F, conditions will rebound through next week. However, a coastal storm could disrupt weekend plans with rain, though another warmup looms.

Roller Coaster Weather Pattern

Temperatures wildly swung this past week, surging into summerlike levels typically seen in April/May, before crashing back down. Highs across the region had ranged from 50s to 70s°F, some 20 to 40 degrees above normal.

But the warmth rapidly exited on blustery winds, with lows early Thursday falling below freezing. Any leftover precipitation froze on roads. Temperatures were 40 to 60 degrees colder than peak readings, feeling even more extreme given stark wind chills.

For example, Burlington, Vermont topped out Tuesday at a record 65°F. Yet just two days later, Thursday's temperatures plummeted around 50 degrees into the teens and 20s. With fierce northwest winds, it felt near zero at times.

Some 300 miles south in Philadelphia, Thursday started off freezing after back-to-back 60s°F days. Windy chills kept afternoon temperatures struggling to leave the 20s despite calendar dates more characteristic of late February/early March.



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