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Washington DC Cherry Blossoms Set To Peak, But Will Cold Weather Disrupt Festival?

2 months ago
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The National Park Service (NPS) has announced peak bloom prediction dates for the iconic cherry blossom trees around Washington D.C.'s Tidal Basin.

However, with cold weather possible during the multi-week National Cherry Blossom Festival, concerns linger over potential disruption to the colorful seasonal spectacle that draws huge crowds.

When Do the Cherry Blossoms Bloom?

Gifted from Tokyo in 1912, the cherry trees typically reach peak bloom in early April, carpeting the capital’s parks and monuments in pink and white blossoms that contrast against clear blue skies.

Over 3000 trees now encircle the Tidal Basin and other areas, arising as a globally-renowned sign of spring. This year’s flowers started emerging earlier than usual after a warm January kept the Yoshino cherries from fully going dormant.

NPS experts expect peak blooms between March 23rd and 26th, weeks ahead of average timing. The National Cherry Blossom Festival then runs from March 20th until April 14th. Monitoring cold conditions will be crucial, given the vulnerability of open blossoms to harsh weather.

Meteorologists currently predict relatively mild temperatures overall, but a late winter storm around March 8th-10th does pose some concern.



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