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Ways to Weatherproof Your Home For Wildlife

Last month
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If you’ve been wondering how to keep animals out of your home, there are several steps you can take to beef up security.

For example, gaps and holes in your home are not only warm welcomes for animals in the wild and common home pests, they’re also opportunities for increased energy bills and damaging moisture.

Weatherproofing your home for wildlife is not only necessary, but cost-effective. Here are ways to weatherproof your home for wildlife.

Check the Foundation

When pest-proofing your home, start from the ground up. Check the foundation for openings and signs of animal activity near pipes, vents, and other openings.

Easy opportunities for rodents include areas where the building materials come together like windows, window wells, dryer vents, thresholds, and gaps in bricks or other masonwork.

If you find any large holes that shouldn’t be there, this may require the help of a professional in order to discourage wildlife from entering your home.

Otherwise, you can try to staple or screw wood or plastic over the hole. If you find any small holes, these can often be closed with caulking, expandable foam, or copper mesh.



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