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How the Weather is Affecting the Search And Rescue After the Baltimore Bridge Collapse

3 weeks ago
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On early Tuesday morning at 1:30am, a deadly tragedy struck when a cargo ship hit the Francis Scott Key Bridge, causing the Baltimore bridge to collapse into the Patapsco River along with cars and construction workers.

Search and rescue have pulled two from the water as well as five cars, but the search is still on for several people who are missing.

While searching in deep water is never easy, even with enough search and rescue equipment, the weather is expected to make it even more difficult.

Water Temperatures Play a Role

Tuesday morning weather felt cold temperatures around 30 degrees with the early morning water temperatures sitting in the upper 40's. Although search and rescue got to the scene as quickly as they could, the survival rate in water this cold is between 15-45 minutes.

One person who was pulled from the water was sent to the hospital, but were just recently discharged, according to a release from the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Maryland Governor, Wes Moore declared a state of emergency, stating, "we are working with an interagency team to quickly deploy federal resources from the Biden Administration. We are thankful for the brave men and women who are carrying out efforts to rescue those involved and pray for everyone's safety."

While the winds were light, the current tides have been making the search and rescue efforts extremely difficult.

Baltimore County Executive, Johnny Olszewski said in an interview with CNN, "The conditions are difficult. We're talking about a channel port. It's 40, 50 feet of water, strong currents. The weather is windy, the water is cold."

During Tuesday afternoon weather, low tide is expected, but high tide will return early Tuesday evening. Because of the full moon yesterday, high tide is forecasted to be higher than normal.



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