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Northeast Weather This Weekend Bringing More Rain

Last week
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While it has not been a total washout for Northeast weather, it has been challenging to find a stretch of consecutive dry days in this part of the nation. This unsettled weather pattern is complicating outdoor activities and making it difficult to handle spring landscaping tasks.

What do the next few days and the weather this weekend have in store? Read on for the forecast this week and beyond for the Northeast.

Finding Stretches of Dry Northeast Weather Not Easy This Week

Just as one storm system wraps up in the Northeast to start the week, another weather maker is ready to take its place. The lingering shower activity has posed problems for outdoor construction workers looking to take on big tasks that require a good stretch of dry conditions.

Even finding a time to mow the lawn is proving to be difficult in some areas of the Northeast as the grass never dries enough between rounds of moisture.

None of the systems creeping through the region are packing significant amounts of widespread rainfall. However, the compounded effect of the persistent moisture has small streams trending high.

The new week got started where the Mother's Day weekend left off. Rain showers dotted the landscape of the Northeast with more on the way for Wednesday. Forecasters are predicting that the best chance for a dry stretch in this region will be on Thursday.



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