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Weekend Will Feature Calmer Conditions for Most of the Eastern Half of the Country

2 weeks ago
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A series of storms is going to roar through the central and eastern U.S. in the coming days thanks to the arrival of a cold front from the north. Here is a look at what you can expect as this system fires up.

Arrival of Cold Front Will Create Greater Risk of Precipitation for Eastern Half of U.S.

A cold front is going to merge with the warm and humid air circulating across the eastern half of the country to create the formation of thunderstorms on Wednesday and Thursday. This is part of the same storm system that impacted the Pacific Northwest on Sunday and Monday with severe storms and gusty winds. The weather maker then made its way to the Upper Midwest and down into the southern Plains on Tuesday, triggering several reports of damaging winds, hail, and flash flooding.

The storms will push to the east throughout the day Wednesday impacting a zone from southeastern Michigan and across to the western half of New York. To the south, the storms will creep into the northern tier of Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia.

A secondary zone of robust storms could set up across the Upper Midwest later in the day Wednesday. This will happen as a result of the cooler air dropping down into the middle levels of the atmosphere behind the cold front. Some of these storms could pack small hail and strong winds.

As is typical with this type of system, the greatest chance of storms will be during the afternoon and evening hours as the temperatures heat up. The primary threats associated with this line of storms will be winds hitting as high as 60 mph, hail, and torrential rain that could create flooding concerns.

Forecasters are also warning that the volatile storms could cross over the central and southern Appalachians with the same intensity if the front picks up speed. This would translate to stronger storms instead of just scattered rain showers late Wednesday night and into Thursday morning.



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