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What is Airline Turbulence and Is It Hazardous?

Last month
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When you’re enjoying an airline flight that’s flowing along smoothly when the plane starts suddenly shaking and bouncing, it’s easy to assume that a crash is imminent. Fortunately, that’s rarely the case. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t understand what’s going on when the plane starts jostling around in the air. Learn more about what turbulence is, what causes it, and whether it’s dangerous for travelers.

Commercial airlines typically fly somewhere between 31,000 and 42,000 feet in the air. When everything goes smoothly, flying can actually be a very relaxing experience as you soar effortlessly through the air reaching your destination much quicker than you would be able to by driving. Unfortunately, turbulence can spark feelings of fear and anxiety, especially if you’re not accustomed to flying or you’ve never gone through the stress of feeling yourself rattling around in an airplane that’s tens of thousands of feet above the ground.



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