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Why Are Your Allergies So Bad Right Now? Blame Climate Change

Last month
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For millions of Americans, spring isn't just about blooming flowers and chirping birds. It's a season of itchy eyes, runny noses, and constant congestion – a time of year dreaded by allergy sufferers. And experts warn, things are only getting worse.

Studies reveal a disturbing trend that allergies are on the rise. More people are developing sensitivities to airborne irritants like pollen and mold, experiencing more severe symptoms, and experiencing longer allergy seasons.

Climate Change Fuels the Fire

A warming planet creates a breeding ground for allergy woes.

Warmer temperatures are causing plant and tree ranges to expand. This means longer pollen seasons as these organisms bloom earlier and linger later. Rising temperatures also trigger plants to produce more pollen, meaning a greater volume of allergens in the air.

Increased rainfall during severe weather season leads to amplified pollen release, while thunderstorms burst pollen grains, making them more irritating. Shifting wind patterns distribute pollen over larger distances, potentially exposing people to new allergens they haven't encountered before.

There's growing evidence that rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere are supercharging pollen. Studies show that plants exposed to higher CO2 concentrations produce more pollen grains, and these grains may be more allergenic, further triggering immune system responses.



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