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Why is the Weather Warmer Right Now in the North-Central U.S. and How Long Will it Last?

6 months ago

Daily high records may fall this week in the north-central U.S. thanks to a remarkable warming trend. Why is the weather warmer, how warm will it get, and how long will the pleasant weather stick around? Read on for all of the details about what you can expect as January comes to an end.

Why is the Weather Warmer?

After a cold spell, residents are likely enjoying the sunshine, but also may be wondering why is the weather warmer?

The Arctic air that had been impacting the north-central portion of the country has lifted back to the north, paving the way for warmer air to filter into the region. The absence of any major storm systems will also help to support the warming trend for the northern Plains and into the Upper Midwest.

The warmth will be fueled by a milder air mass coming in from the west that originated in the Pacific Ocean. This mild air will be aided by the presence of sunshine to bring the real feel readings up higher. The warmest temperatures will be in areas that see more sunshine as well as parts of the country where the snow has melted.



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