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Why Is There More Severe Weather During the Springtime?

4 months ago
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Springtime in the United States is synonymous with extreme weather, specifically in the form of snowstorms, flooding, severe thunderstorms and intense tornados. This wide range of events is due to a battle between warm and cool air masses as the seasons change.

Because of these temperature contrasts and several additional factors, spring is considered the most volatile weather season in the nation.

Intense Snow and Ice Storms Are Still Possible During the Beginning of Spring

Although temperatures increase as springtime unfolds, the possibility of widespread snow and ice storms remains throughout a majority of the upper Midwest and the Plains. Major blizzards are also possible, even in March and April.

For example, in March 1993, an intense snowstorm brought several feet of snow throughout the eastern half of the United States, causing billions of dollars in damage and claiming 270 lives.

Traditionally, March and April are the snowiest months in the Rockies and portions of the High Plains. Heavy snow also commonly occurs along the Great Lakes in April since leftover cold air from the winter may clash with warm air as it rises.



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