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Winter Returns

Winter Returns to the Eastern U.S. by End of the Weekend

5 months ago
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The Northeast is going to be facing another round of winter weather right on the heels of this week's thaw. The moisture and the colder temperatures will get going again this weekend and into next week, serving as a reminder that winter is far from over as the calendar flips from January to February. Here is what you can expect in the coming days.

Colder Air Will Fuel Chance of Wintry Precipitation for Northeast and Beyond

The train of storms will push through the eastern U.S. beginning on Sunday, bringing a good shot of wintry precipitation as the moisture meets up with a blast of cold air. The moisture is already circulating over the Southeast and the southern Appalachians as the week comes to a close. This moisture will clash with another influx of frigid air, paving the way for wintry precipitation to develop across much of the eastern U.S.

You can expect the mercury to begin to fall dramatically by the end of the weekend. However, forecasters are not expecting another rush of Arctic air like the region saw multiple times in January. Instead, residents will simply be dealing with typical late January temperature readings.



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