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14 Grilling Safety Rules to Follow This Summer

3 weeks ago
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Whether you’re at the park, the beach, or in your own backyard, summer is the perfect time for a cookout. Before you fire up the grill, you’ll want to ensure that your setup is safe so you can master the flames with confidence.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports that grills are a major cause of burns and home fires, while the Consumer Product Safety Commission notes that over 22,000 people ended up in the emergency room between 2017 and 2021 due to grilling injuries.

Whether you’re using a gas or a charcoal grill, it’s important to prevent accidents. Our tips can help everyone stay safe, so you can spend your time in the shade enjoying wonderful food and company with complete peace of mind.

1. Only Grill Outside

Always grill outside. Grilling in a closed space like a garage or tent is never safe, even if it’s well-ventilated.

Grills release carbon monoxide, a deadly gas that can cause asphyxiation. This gas is especially dangerous because you can’t see or smell it.



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