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Brief Shot of Wintry Precipitation Possible for Portions of the Northeast by End of Weekend

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Winter is going to make a return appearance for a brief time for the Northeast by Sunday. While the weekend will start with springlike weather in the form of scattered rain showers and stormy conditions pairing with warmer temperatures, a rush of cold air will follow behind this system to create the chance of wintry precipitation. Here are the details of this fluid forecast.

Cold Snap Bearing Down on the Northeast Following Springlike Weather

The Northeast is in store for a cold snap that will be accompanied by strong winds and the threat of dangerous snow squalls as the weekend comes to a close.

The storm system that is howling up and down the East Coast on Saturday will pick up even more energy as the weekend progresses. The winds will gain intensity moving from the west to the northwest beginning on Sunday with some gusts reaching the strength to create power outages.

Gusts are forecast to reach up to 50 mph in an area stretching from the central Great Lakes, into the central portions of the Appalachians, and across the mid-Atlantic coast during the day Sunday.

These winds will whip up across New England by late Sunday. Higher gusts of up to 70 mph are on the table for the highest elevations of the Northeast. The eastern shores of lakes Huron, Ontario, and Erie may also see wind gusts approach this speed during the height of the storm.

The gusty conditions are expected to linger across the region on Monday with the first relief coming to the central Great Lakes. The middle Appalachians and the mid-Atlantic will not see the winds start to ease until late Monday and into Tuesday.

This will be the same story for the Northeast and New England with the worst of the winds expected late in the day Monday.

The trees rooted in the wet soil in this part of the country will be susceptible to toppling with the wind gusts. The increase in the flow of sap in recent weeks will also make the trees more likely to fall thanks to the added weight.



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