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California Rain Storm Bringing More Moisture as Three Storms Bear Down on the State

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It has been a monster of a few weeks for California with multiple storm systems taking aim at the state. The most recent major weather event left parts of the region buried in over 100 inches of snow in the hardest-hit areas. Now, a California rain storm threatens to bring even more moisture to the area.

How long will the Golden State finally get a breather from the storm action? Here is a look at the forecast for the balance of the week for California and the rest of the region.

Is There a Storm Coming to Southern California?

There will be little rest for the storm weary in California over the next few days. Forecasters are busy monitoring new systems that could hamper cleanup operations for Californians looking to dig out from the recent California snow storm that unleashed across the Sierra Nevada.

While it won't be snowing in Southern California, the first weather maker on deck is predicted to usher in rain to the region beginning late Wednesday and lasting into Thursday. The state will then enjoy a few days of drier conditions before two more storm systems target Northern California during the weather this weekend.

First up will be a midweek Northern California storm that has been brewing off the coast to start the week. This system is predicted to dip to the south by Wednesday, bringing rain to the central and southern portions of the state.

While the primary impacts of this system will be mostly rain, you cannot rule out the chance of a few thunderstorms popping up in parts of Central California on Wednesday afternoon and evening. These storm cells could pack heavy rain and small hail.



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