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Developing Weather Maker Will Bring Snow to Rockies, High Plains, and More

2 months ago
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It is shaping up to be a white Christmas throughout much of the Rockies and the High Plains as two storms converge to produce measurable snow in at least six states this holiday weekend.

While forecasters have been warning about this potential weather event for days, the track is becoming more clear as the storms inch closer to the region. Here is what you can expect for snowfall in the coming days.

Travel Disruptions a Likelihood for the Interior West and High Plains

Although most of the U.S. will not enjoy a white Christmas, a zone stretching from the highest terrains of Arizona, up through the Wasatch Range, the Rockies, and into the High Plains will likely see flakes fly this weekend.

The snow will certainly create an idyllic wintry backdrop for the long weekend, however, it will also come with a fair amount of travel headaches.

The snow is forecast to begin to fall starting late Friday and into early Saturday. Be sure to check your specific local forecast if you live in this area to determine when you should plan any important road trips.

The first in line to see the flakes fly will be the Four Corners region of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado. The moisture is predicted to start as rain, changing over to snow when the cold air behind the storm system filters in behind it.



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