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Central and Eastern US Take Out Their Cold Weather Gear Again as Temperatures Drop

2 months ago
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The temperatures are about to take a significant tumble across the central and eastern portions of the U.S. in the coming days, coming as quite the shock for the over 100 million Americans that put away their cold weather gear and have been enjoying late springlike weather.

Here is what you need to know about this chilly forecast and the precipitation impacts that it may bring.

Mercury Set to Plummet in Coming Hours Across Central and Eastern U.S.

Forecasters are warning residents of the central and eastern U.S. to not get too used to the unseasonably warm temperatures that have taken over the region to start the week. The mercury is going to fall so quickly that areas of wetness may experience a potentially dangerous flash freeze in a hurry, creating dangerous road conditions.

How far will the temperatures fall? Some areas may see a drop of as much as 60 degrees in a period of just 24 hours. The change will start as early as the Tuesday morning weather as the infiltration of cold temperatures moves from the west to the east.

The change in the weather will feel even more noticeable in areas that experienced record-challenging warmth that was more reminiscent of the month of May over the last few days.

Cities such as Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia, Nashville, and Atlanta will see the temperatures plunge as much as 40 degrees. Chicago will see the change by Wednesday when the temperatures remain at about the freezing level for a high after seeing readings in the upper 60s on Tuesday. The overnight lows Tuesday and into Wednesday will dip as low as the upper 20s.



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