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Flash Flooding Kills Over 350 People in East Africa

7 months ago
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Heavy rain has triggered flash flooding across portions of East Africa, killing over 350 people and displacing more than one million residents. Meanwhile, a volcanic eruption in Indonesia is responsible for the deaths of at least 13 climbers. Here is a look at a few of the top weather headlines from around the world this week.

Deluge of Rain in East Africa Triggers Deadly Mass Flooding Event

The African countries of Somalia, Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Kenya have been ground zero for the torrential rains that have swept through the region in recent weeks. Kenya's Interior Ministry is reporting at least 136 fatalities with almost half a million residents displaced. Kenya President William Ruto held an emergency cabinet meeting last week to address the rain that has been falling persistently since October.

The eastern coast of Kenya and its northeastern corner have been impacted the most by the drenching rain. This region has reported severe infrastructure damage.

Elsewhere in Africa, 110 people have been confirmed dead in Somalia and 57 in Ethiopia due to the flooding. The northern region of Tanzania has seen 49 deaths because of flooding and the associated mudslides. There were also 85 reported injuries in the Manyara province of Tanzania.



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