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Florida at Risk of Potentially Disruptive Storms to Start New Week

Last month
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The Sunshine State is not going to live up to its moniker to start the new work week, however, more pleasant sailing is in the forecast in the coming days.

Here is a look at how the new week is going to kick off with a roar in Florida and what to expect after these storms pass.

Week Starts with a Bang in Florida

A rash of thunderstorms is set to ignite across Florida later on Monday, likely causing significant disruptions for much of the peninsula. The good news is that a calmer weather pattern will settle over the state after these storms pass, translating to good news for vacationers heading that way.

The bulk of the storms will be centered across the southern part of the state. These storm cells will come to life as a cool front pushes to the southeast and out to sea.

Before this front exits the state, the energy associated with it will be enough to fuel the development of thunderstorms as the temperatures continue to rise on Monday.

Forecasters are warning that some of these storms could quickly turn severe.



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