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Girl Dies, Boy Hospitalized After Florida Beach Sand Hole Collapse Traps Siblings

2 months ago
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A family vacation to a Florida beach left a young girl dead and her brother hospitalized after a devastating incident.

What Happened?

The siblings, ages 7 and 9, were digging in the sand when the large hole they had created caved in, trapping them underneath. Despite rescue efforts, the little girl ultimately passed away due to her injuries. Her brother remains under medical care but hopes to make a full recovery.

The heartbreaking event unfolded on Tuesday afternoon local time in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea. The visiting brother and sister were enjoying playing together on the beach, likely imagining it would be full of fun and making happy vacation memories.

As children often do, they begin digging a hole, likely bigger and bigger over time without realizing the danger.

According to authorities, the hole reached approximately 6 feet deep when suddenly, its soft sandy sides collapsed. The boy was described as being buried up to his neck while his young sister just a few years older was completely submerged.

Nearby beachgoers witnessed the alarming scene as the sand caved in around the young children.

Answering desperate cries for help, good Samaritans rushed over and began frantically digging by hand, shovel, or anything they could use to reach the trapped victims.



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