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How to Clean Fruit and Vegetables

Last month
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Key Takeaways

  • There’s no question we need to clean our fresh fruit and vegetables before consumption.

  • They may contain small amounts of contaminants from the growing process.

  • Even if there aren’t residual pesticides, there may be dirt and grime.

  • Fruits that contain a skin, like bananas, also need to be washed.

  • The process is easy, only takes a few minutes, and is worth your while.

Best Tips on How to Clean Fruit of Pesticides

Have you ever been tempted to snag one of those grapes before you’ve, at minimum, rinsed them under some cold water? Be sure you continue to resist the temptation.

Unwashed fruit, at minimum, can carry some dirt and grime on them. Worst case scenario, they may even contain bacteria and other contaminants that could cause sickness.



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