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Los Angeles Landslide Forces Closure of Famed Chapel by Frank Lloyd Wright's Son

5 months ago

Designed by Lloyd Wright, son of famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright, the glass-walled Wayfarers Chapel has captivated visitors under its canopy of California redwoods since 1951.

However, the board of directors recently announced an indefinite closure of the chapel and surrounding grounds due to Los Angeles landslide in the area that has caused structural damage.

Significance of the Wayfarers Chapel

Sitting atop the Palos Verdes Peninsula prone to landslides, cracks have begun appearing in the building itself alongside broken glass panes in recent months. With the area facing an elevated risk of sliding downhill, repairs cannot safely begin until conditions stabilize. The closure cuts off public access to a site that just two months ago earned the prestigious designation as a national historic landmark.

Originally envisioned as a tranquil place for spiritual reflection amid nature by 18th-century philosopher Emanuel Swedenborg, the chapel blurred lines between architecture and landscape. The glass-encased structure allows light to permeate the space while framing breathtaking views of towering redwoods and the Pacific Ocean below.



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