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Mount Everest Bodies, Trash, and More Being Cleaned Up

Last month
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Key Takeaways

  • It’s an astonishing statistic, but there are over 200 Mount Everest bodies that haven’t been found yet or haven’t been carried back down to base.
  • Last year alone, five mountaineers went missing.
  • The monetary and physical cost of the removal of bodies exceeds tens of thousands of dollars and has already cost the lives of others.
  • Physical trash and human waste also continue to negatively impact the environment.
  • This year, 12 Nepali troops were tasked with trash removal and it’s no small undertaking.

Cleanup of Mount Everest Bodies and Trash Underway

Did you know about 35,000 people visit the Mount Everest region per year? That’s not the total number of people who attempt to climb it per year; that number’s far less at about 800 per year.

As one of the Seven Wonders of the World, nature lovers can’t resist visiting the mountain range with the highest peak of earth.

With that comes all the foot traffic and debris people leave behind. This year, along with the annual cleanup efforts, there’s also the hope of being able to remove some of the Mount Everest bodies.



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