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New Giant Anaconda Species Reaching 25 Feet and 1,100 Pounds Found in Remote Amazon Waterways

5 months ago

A new species of giant anaconda has been discovered in the Amazon rainforest, believed to be the largest snake species in the world. The massive serpents can reach astounding lengths of up to 24 feet and weighs surpassing 1,100 pounds.

This newly identified anaconda dwarfs its close cousin, the green anaconda, long thought to be the heavyweight champion of all snakes.

Who Discovered the Giant Anaconda Species?

The discovery was made by a research team led by Professor Bryan Fry of the University of Queensland, who travelled deep into the Amazon basin to collect samples. The scientists were invited by the Waorani people to explore their ancestral lands and document the rumored giant anacondas that inhabit the winding rivers.

Venturing by canoe, the researchers were fortunate to encounter several colossal anacondas lurking motionlessly beneath the water's surface, waiting to ambush prey. Careful study revealed that these massive snakes are an entirely new species, distinct from all other anacondas.



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