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Northeast Winter Storm to Bring Measurable Snowfall

3 months ago
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Winter is bearing down once again as a Northeast winter storm is forecasted, serving as a reminder that spring is not here for good quite yet. Plowable snow is a possibility in an area that has been enjoying temperatures in the 50s and 60s over the last few days.

Read on for what you can expect with this latest blast of winter.

Incoming Colder Air Will Support Northeast Winter Storm

A large swath of the Northeast is under the gun for measurable snowfall in the coming days. The Northeast winter storm will come as even more of a shock after the unseasonable warmth as of late.

The winter weather maker is part of a broader storm system that is stretching over 2,000 miles from the southern Plains and up through the Mississippi and Ohio valleys, the central portion of the Appalachians, and the upper mid-Atlantic. The line of moisture will eventually make it up into the southern edge of New England by the time that it fades away.

This storm system is going to move along with a surge of cold air, allowing the wintry precipitation to develop. The system has already dropped several inches of snow in portions of Colorado, New Mexico, and northwestern Texas over the weekend.

You can expect the snow line to push up through parts of central Oklahoma, Missouri, and southern Indiana early Monday before reaching the Ohio Valley later in the day. This zone will see snowfall amounts varying between 1 and 6 inches. The heaviest amount of snow will fall across the Ozark Mountains located in southern Missouri.



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