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Over 2 Million Tesla Vehicles Recalled After Deadly Autopilot Crashes

6 months ago
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If you own a Tesla or have always dreamed of owning you, you know that just one of the big perks of the electric car is its autopilot capabilities that is more advanced than your regular cruise control.

Or so you thought.

Co-founded by tech mogul, Elon Musk, Tesla comes equipped with an Autosteer feature, which is intended to maintain speed, while detecting lane markers and other vehicles. Although the electric car company warns drivers to keep their hands on the wheel in case of unforeseen circumstances, Tesla has announced a recall of over 2 million of their vehicles following an investigation into their autopilot system.

What Sparked an Investigation?

The Tesla recall was issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, under the Transportation Department. The investigation started in August of 2021 after they reviewed almost 1,000 Tesla crashes where the autopilot feature claimed to have been in use.

Over 300 of those crashes were focused on "including frontal impacts and impacts from potential inadvertent disengagement of the system."

Throughout the next couple of years, Tesla cooperated with the agency and had several meetings.



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