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Patriotic Things to do on Memorial Day

Last month
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Memorial Day is almost here, and it is a time to honor your deceased loved ones and those who died in the service of their country. It's also a time for so much more. Memorial Day is not meant to be a sad occasion. You can find joy in remembering those already gone and making new memories with your family and friends. You can reach both goals by choosing a patriotic activity for the holiday weekend. Below you will find suggestions for meaningful yet enjoyable activities for Memorial Day.

Visit Cemeteries

At first glance, this suggestion seems grim, but it doesn't need to be. You can visit a military cemetery or a public one, bringing flowers to honor the dead. Beyond that, you can use the visit for an American history lesson. People called "gravers" or "tombstone tourists" do this as an enjoyable hobby. While it might not be appropriate for small children, teens and adults will find it interesting. And if you visit a family gravesite, you can explore your personal history. It can be a fulfilling way to spend Memorial Day.



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