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Philippe Expected to Strengthen to a Hurricane as Tropical Storm Rina Weakens

10 months ago

On September 30, 2023, Tropical Storm Rina was about 1,100 miles east of the Northern Leeward Islands with maximum sustained winds of 45 miles per hour. The storm is moving west-northwest at about 10 miles per hour. Some wind gusts have reached 60 miles per hour. Tropical storm Rina formed over the central part of the tropical Atlantic Ocean. This storm formed from a tropical wave on September 28, 2023.

Forecasters expected Tropical Storm Rina not to impact any land to weaken over the weekend.

The experts at the National Hurricane Center expected that Tropical Storm Rina would continue moving to the northwest through Sunday night. Then, they expect it to move more to the north on Monday. Winds from Tropical Storm Rina are moving out about 140 miles from the storm's center.

Tropical Storm Rina has stayed disorganized with deep convection sheared off well southeast of the center. The storm is not getting enough heat and moisture at elevations about four miles above the water to get organized.

Maximum center pressure is 29.39 inches.



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