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Potentially Treacherous Snow Squalls Gearing Up for Northeast and Beyond

6 months ago
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The chance of snow squalls popping up through Tuesday could create dangerous travel conditions across the Midwest, Great Lakes, the Ohio Valley, and into the interior Northeast. Here is what you need to know about this forecast if you live in this corner of the country.

Cold Air Fuels Development of Snow Squalls

A blast of cold air sweeping down from Canada will set the stage for the snow to develop to start the week. The colder air will come in behind a massive storm system that dumped heavy rain and whipped up winds on Monday throughout the Northeast. The change to the cold air will come in suddenly, catching people off guard.

The good news is that the cold air will not make it into the Northeast in time to clash with the heaviest of the precipitation. This delayed arrival of the cold will work to reduce the chances of snow for a large portion of the region. However, snow squalls along many of the area's most traveled highways will still likely cause issues for motorists.

These sudden bursts of snow are best compared to summer thunderstorms that seemingly come out of nowhere to drop visibility on the roads in an instant. During the winter, the quick onset of moisture results in snow-covered or icy highways. It is no surprise to learn that these types of conditions can trigger large vehicle pile-ups.



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