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Rainy News For the South-Central U.S., Along With Severe Weather and Flooding

2 months ago
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A deluge of rainy news is raising the risk of flooding across much of the southern U.S. this week, putting residents on guard for what is looking to be an escalating weather situation.

Here are the details of these Southern storms and potential flooding event.

Flooding Risk Heightened with Heavy Rain in the Forecast

An incoming weather maker is going to deliver mass amounts of moisture across the south-central U.S. this week, raising the risk of urban flooding as well as bringing up water levels along small streams and rivers.

The impact zone will stretch from storms in Texas and into Tennessee, putting millions of Americans at risk of locally severe weather that could produce impacts such as large hail and tornadoes in addition to the heavy rain.

The storms in Texas are predicted to pick up in intensity as it moves up and into Ohio. It is also forecast to track along at a slow pace, increasing the odds that any specific area could become inundated with rain. The energy circulating in this system will work to tap into the moisture in the Gulf of Mexico and redeposit it back on land as it moves to the east.

Over a dozen states are at risk of seeing some degree of flooding this week.



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