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Scientists Say Global Warming is Happening Faster Than Predicted

5 months ago
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We have known since the 1980s that global warming is a problem for the planet, but now the same scientists who first brought it to our attention are stating key thresholds could be met much sooner than we imagined.

James Hanson, a key player in the 1980s alarms, notes in a new study that the concerning thresholds could be reached as soon as within the next ten years.

A climate emergency is in the works according to top scientists who came together to produce a study showing these very concerning trends. Per weather patterns tracked and published in the Oxford Open Climate Change journal, a heat surge is expected, possibly in the next ten years.

And, this surge is more than previously predicted, pushing us into a climate emergency. The data used by experts to come to these conclusions included studying tree rings and polar ice caps as well as climate models and other observational data.

Through this information, new warning alarms are being sounded.

The 1.5 Degree Threshold

Per all of the research and data, the 1.5 degree threshold is coming much sooner than expected. If the global warming trends exceed 1.5 degrees celsius, this is the first step toward a climate crisis per scientists.

And, new data is indicating the earth will surpass this threshold in the next ten years and will surpass the 2.0 degree threshold in the next thirty years.

The warning bells are being raised that this threshold is a severe concern and should mean everyone starts looking toward climate awareness. With the earth moving so quickly toward this 1.5 degree warmup, droughts, extreme heat and extreme weather is to be expected. And, it could result in weather patterns so severe that humans may not be able to comfortably tolerate the changes.



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