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Severe Weather Forecast For the Central U.S.

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A volatile storm pattern has set up over at least a dozen states in the central U.S. for the weather this weekend.

Several of the communities in the line of fire will be hit with the severe weather forecast for consecutive days. Here is a look at the latest forecast.

Multi-day Severe Weather Forecast Just Getting Started in the Central U.S.

Forecasters have been predicting for days that the week was going to end with a multi-day severe weather threat across much of the nation's heartland.

Those in the path of these storms need to be prepared for a number of impacts, including strong winds, large hail, heavy rain that triggers flash flooding, and tornadic activity.

Tornado Alley is ground zero for the development of these severe weather impacts. States in the potential danger zone include Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska.

What is most concerning to meteorologists is that some of the storms are expected to form overnight when people are likely sleeping and potentially unaware of the impending danger.



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