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Storms in the Midwest and Plain States Take Aim to Start the New Week

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The nation's heartland will once again be ground zero for severe weather early next week. Here are the details of this potentially volatile forecast and when to expect storms in the Midwest and Plains states.

California Storms to Impact Central U.S. Beginning This Week

Potent storms in the Midwest and the Plains states are taking aim after it roared through California over the last two days. This storm is going to heighten the risk of severe weather for the central U.S. as the new week kicks off.

This weather maker will bring the usual suspects, including large hail, tornadoes, strong winds, and torrential rainfall.

The line of storms will come in behind near-record warmth this weekend weather forecast over the Plains states and beyond. The warmth currently in place will pair with the increasing humidity levels and an influx of energy from the jet stream to generate thunderstorm activity beginning late Monday.

Monday's severe weather will also come with the risk of tornadoes spinning up across the Great Plains. Forecasters are warning that the storms could ignite in the overnight hours, increasing the risk of dangerous impacts because people could be asleep and unaware of what is happening outside.

There are a number of major metropolitan areas in the line of fire for Monday's storms, including Oklahoma City and Wichita. The southern edge of the storms dip as far as the Texas Panhandle.

However, it will be gusty winds causing the bulk of the disruptions in this part of the region. Communities such as Wichita Falls, Texas should prepare for gusts that eclipse the 40 mph mark.



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