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Turbulence at United Airlines: Reassurances After String of Incidents

4 weeks ago
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United Airlines faces a bumpy ride as it seeks to reassure passengers following a series of incidents involving its Boeing jets in 2024. Some of which forcing a United Airlines flight emergency landing.

CEO Scott Kirby issued a statement emphasizing safety as the airline's top priority despite recent events.

A Flurry of Incidents

The recent string of troubles began on Friday when a United Boeing 737-800 landed in Medford, Oregon, missing a panel from its underbelly.

This incident followed four others earlier in the month, all involving United's Boeing fleet:

  • A 737-900ER spewed flames from an engine after takeoff in Houston.
  • A 777 lost a wheel during takeoff from San Francisco.
  • A 737 Max skidded off the runway in Houston.
  • A 777 leaked hydraulic fluid after leaving Sydney, Australia.



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