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Rain, Snow, Thunderstorms Weather For the Weekend in the Pacific Northwest

2 months ago
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While the mountains of California are being slammed with heavy snow, the Pacific Northwest is also going to see its fair share of memorable weather for the weekend.

Here is what you can expect from this multi-faceted storm system.

March Roars in Like a Lion in the Pacific Northwest

March is going to live up its reputation of roaring in like a lion in the Northwest as a major storm system brings in a rain and snow mix, thunder, and hail. The stormy weather pattern will linger over Washington state and Oregon for a few days, impacting travel and disrupting outdoor plans.

The impacts being unleashed across the Northwest are part of the same storm system that has been hitting the higher terrains of California with over 100 inches of snow in some areas.

The Northwest will feel the effects of this storm with hail, heavy rain, and thunderstorms. Temperatures may even dip enough to bring snow to the lower elevation cities of Seattle and Portland as the work week comes to a close and weather for the weekend begins.

It has been a wet few weeks for the Northwest with the trend expected to continue as the calendar flips to March.

The mercury will hover at levels below the historical average in this corner of the country, making it feel more like the middle of the winter than the beginning of spring.



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