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What is Manhattanhenge and Where to See It

3 weeks ago
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Manhattan may see a unique event that only occurs twice a year on May 29, 2024, at about 8:12 p.m. The sun will align perfectly with the streets, giving people a different perspective on the sunset. Known as Manhattanhenge, this sunset looks beautiful as the sun seems to sink between the skyscrapers. Unfortunately, there is a possibility that rain showers will block the view. If showers get in the way, the next chance to see this event in Manhattan will be July 12, 2024.    

Why Does Manhattanhenge Occur?

Manhattanhenge occurs because the sun slowly shifts its setting location daily. On two days, the sun aligns perfectly with the city's street grid system. 


Where to See Manhattanhenge?

While you may see Manhattanhenge by looking down any east-west street in the city, some spots are particularly popular.    



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