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Widespread Flooding Persists Across England and Europe After Torrential Storms

6 months ago
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Extensive flooding from heavy rainfall has inundated communities across England, France, and the Netherlands over the past week. Floodwaters have swamped homes, businesses, and farmland, disrupting travel and forcing residents to evacuate.

In England, the storm brought torrential rains that overwhelmed rivers and waterways. Over 1,000 homes and businesses have been flooded so far across the country, with more rainfall expected in the coming days.

The hardest hit were riverside towns along the River Trent in central and eastern England. In Newark-on-Trent, the downtown area was submerged under several feet of water.

Store owner Ken Button pumped water from his flooded furniture shop but lamented that there would still be extensive damage.

Rescue crews evacuated residents from another inundated village along the Trent while officials warned those downstream to prepare for rapidly rising waters. “It’s been a terrible start to the new year,” said Button. “We’ll have to see what we can salvage.”

The flooding also swamped stretches of railway in southwest England and Wales, suspending train service on several lines travelling to and from London.

In one dramatic scene captured on video, fast-moving waters tore a number of boats from their moorings and carried them downstream on the River Thames near London.

Elsewhere in Europe, the storm system brought similar chaos and damage. In France, high winds and huge Atlantic waves battered the country's west coast while heavy rains led to flooding along the Seine River through Paris.

Floodwaters submerged roads and bridges, forcing closures of critical infrastructure. One highway near the city of Nantes remained closed due to a partial bridge collapse from battering waves.



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