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Flooding and Strong Winds All in the Cards This Week for the Northeast

2 months ago
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A potent storm system is moving toward the northeastern corner of the U.S., giving the region little time to catch its breath after the snow and rain over the weekend. The upcoming weather maker could lead to widespread flooding thanks to rapid snow melt. Here is what you need to know about this approaching system.

Northeast Braces for Flooding and Strong Winds

Just a few days after the weekend whopper, another larger and stronger storm is forecast to train over the Northeast and beyond on Tuesday and Wednesday. This dynamic system will bring a wide array of impacts, most notably flooding and high winds.

The storm will become more organized over the central U.S. beginning on Monday, moving into the southern Plains and the Great Lakes region by Tuesday. The system will be fueled by moisture-rich air coming up from the Gulf of Mexico. Because this air mass will also be warmer, the primary impacts of this storm will come in the form of rain instead of the typical snow of January.

The warmer temperatures will work to quickly melt the snowpack on the ground in the Northeast left behind by the weekend's storm. The increase in the mercury combined with the arrival of rain will generate a rapid thaw.

While the storm will first usher in the chance of snow or ice for the central Appalachians and New England, the arrival of warmer temperatures will work to limit this impact. The most concerning impact of this storm will instead be the torrential rain and the strong winds.

Forecasters are predicting gusts that range from 40 to 60 mph. These gusts will increase the threat of power outages and fallen trees. This is a good time to secure all outdoor furniture and other items that could become projectiles in strong winds.

The highest winds are forecast to whip up along the Atlantic coastline and over the top terrains of the Appalachians.



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