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First Week of April Will Come With Rain and Stormy Conditions for the Northeast

3 weeks ago
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Those in the Northeast can look forward to mostly pleasant weather for the Easter holiday weekend.

However, a big change is on the way for the days right after the holiday. Here is how next week is shaping up for this corner of the country.

Beginning of April Will Feature Cool Temperatures and Moisture for the Northeast

The first week of April forecast is going to be chilly and stormy for the Northeast, putting an end to the springlike conditions over the weekend.

A storm is gearing up to track into the Northeast by Monday, bringing impacts ranging from rain to snow for a large portion of next week.

The last week of March featured a similar weather pattern as a coastal rainstorm pushed up the Eastern Seaboard, ushering in blustery conditions along with significant rainfall.

The last of the moisture ejected out into the Atlantic Ocean on Friday, setting up a good weekend for outdoor activities up and down the East Coast.

The temperatures will inch up to about the seasonal average on Friday with readings hovering around 40 degrees in northern New England and in the mid 60s for Virginia.

While the actual temperature will feel average for the end of March, a chilly breeze will bring the real feel readings down to lower levels. Be sure to dress appropriately if you are headed outside for any pre-Easter festivities.



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